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Sphere Salt Lamp (6-pack)
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Sphere Salt Lamp (6-pack)

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Sphere Salt Lamp (6-pack)

Product Information

Salt Lamp Company's Spherical lighting 

The Sphere Salt lamp from the Salt Lamp Company is simple but beautiful. It is perfectly round with colors like oranges, reds, and white. The base is made from wood, and it looks great anywhere in your home. People will often buy a single smaller salt lamp like these to start, so that they can see for themselves how terrific they work, and experience the joys that can only come from genuine Himalayan crystal salt. After getting one, they always come back to buy more.


Real Himalayan salt that has been mined by hand is the only salt The Salt Lamp Company uses. They never settle for, inferior salt just because it costs less. This is why there really is a difference in the place you buy your Himalayan salt lamp from. When the salt is hand mined and crafted by master artisans, it is able to retain all of the healthy properties that make breathing easier, allow you to have a cleaner, fresher home, and let you finally sleep all night. There exist so many positive selling points to the Himalayan salt lamp, but to experience it is to love it.


Himalayan crystal salt is a natural anti-inflammatory that can allow you to breathe much easier and get relief from the symptoms of respiratory problems. People have reported that when they placed one of these lamps in their bedroom, they didn't wake up all night struggling to breathe, or loaded with congestion from allergies, asthma, or other ailments. The Sphere is handmade and comes individually boxed for more shipping security. The lamps are 8- 10 lbs and stand 7-8 inches tall est. All products are sealed and wrapped in protective wrapping, so your lamps arrive in perfect condition.


Get one today, and live a healthier, happier life!

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