Crown Pillar Salt Lamp (6-pack)

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Crown Pillar Salt Lamp (6-pack)

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Majesty Crown Pillar Salt Lighting systems


The Crown Pillar salt lamp from the Salt Lamp Company is breathtakingly beautiful, and works hard to cleanse the air in your home of dust, allergens, dirty electricity, and other contaminants that make you feel tired, out of sorts, and not able to focus. They are natural ion generators that contain the very same elements we do in our bodies. Only genuine Himalayan salt that has been hand mined can retain all of these healing properties, so never trust anyone but the experts at the Salt Lamp Company to meet your Salt lamp needs.


Each product we carry is carefully mined and crafted to insure all of the wonderful properties remain as they should, and get to you in the same condition. These lamps pull in moisture from the air, and put off beneficial negative ions that reduce the number of harmful positive ions in the air. This means your home will smell fresher, have less dust, feel more relaxed, and they help people that suffer from all manner of breathing issues. The Himalayan crystal salt, when breathed in, is terrific at reducing inflammation and opening up airways, making breathing easier.


People's lives have been changed for the better since they have been introduced to these miracles of nature, and you can own one and experience this extraordinary change yourself. Buy one and you will certainly come back for more when you discover how great these Crown Pillar salt lamps are, and the difference they can make in you and your family's life just by plugging them in!

A majestic salt light that comes complete with all the bulbs and cords you need, stanks 9-11 inches tall and weighs at 9-10 lbs.

These lamps in this shape are rare and need to be ordered today. 





(all lamps are natural and as such will vary in weight and shape slightly) 

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