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       Phenoxycyclotriphosphazene Poly(diphenoxy)phosphazene
      About Us
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          Benxi G-Chem Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2011. It is situated in High and New Tech Development Zone, Benxi City, Liaoning, China. The company has modern laboratory, pilot device, workshop, and advanced analytical instrument. It is a technology-based enterprise that engages in research, production, and marketing. Main product is new-model organic phosphorus flame retardant. The company has established highly-qualified and experienced R&D team, which has engages in synthesizing phosphorus flame retardants for nearly 20 years, and it strives to offer the clients high-quality products and services, to offer favorable technical supports, and to develop with clients.  

      Phenoxycyclotriphosphazene and Poly(phenoxy)phosphazenes is leading product of the company. The annual output is 500 tons. The product has passed the RoHS and SVHC certifications. Besides China, the product is sold well in Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and other regions, and it is highly praised by clients. The company has carried out large-scale industrial production of other flame resistant products and it can offer qualified products. Moreover, the company has developed phosphorus type flame resistant curing agents, pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates, labeled chemicals, and other chemical products, and it is capable of developing and manufacturing new organic phosphorus flame resistant products and other fine chemical products at the request of clients. 

      In order to guarantee product quality, the company has employed experienced team, has established quality, environment, and occupational health safety management systems, and has passed the ISO 9001 system certification. In addition, the company has formulated perfect system for all links from raw material purchase, to production, and to product delivery. Our company has established a strict product quality control system to ensure 100 percent of ex factory pass rate. The company passed the site quality audit inspection of Taiwanese clients in 2013 and of Korean clients in 2014. 

      Adhering to enterprise spirit of making perfection more perfect, our R&D team is dedicated to improving product quality and to stabilizing production technology. Furthermore, the company will continue to strengthen technological innovation and internal management for becoming leading manufacturer of organic phosphorus flame retardant in China.